Big Solutions for Small Spaces - Easy Do it Yourself Storage Tips

The first few months in a smaller space can be one of the most exciting transitions in an adult’s life. As challenging as downsizing can be, perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is adjusting to fewer storage options. Whether sharing a small space or living alone, adapting to a small condo or apartment takes planning. Here are some space-saving suggestions for your big downsizing debut.

It’s great to have gadgets, but the chargers, cords, and remotes can get in the way if not stored properly. Try sticking strips of Velcro to the sides of shelving or entertainment centers to store things like remotes or power strips. For the piles of books you’ve acquired over the years, think about building up vertically with milk crates, or hanging baskets to make clever shelving. To save table space for hobbies and guests, find a trunk to double as a coffee table — use it to items like bedding or craft supplies.

Feeling a little claustrophobic? Create the illusion of more space by placing decor high on the wall to bring the eye up and by using large mirrors on empty spaces. If you must create separation, light and sheer curtains create private spaces without making the room feel more cramped than it already is. Lighter-colored furniture and decor will make the room feel bigger; and plants naturally clean the air. Try creating a cute DIY window garden using a suspension shower rod and S-hooks to hang potted plants.

Pegboards are great in any room, and are especially handy in closets for additional storage. Hang a pegboard on the backs of closet doors or on the walls inside for hats, scarves, and other accessories so they aren’t out in the open. Instead of laundry baskets taking up extra floor space, utilize canvas bags, or look into a collapsible laundry basket that folds into your closet when it’s not in use.

Bathrooms can be the most cramped room in the house. There are a few easy storage hacks you can use to make sharing a bathroom less crazy. First, organize your items. Try using a spice rack to store small bottles of cosmetics like nail polish. Shoe organizers or magazine holders can work as storage of hair appliances and brushes. Stick magnets to the insides of cupboards or under cabinets to easily store small metal items like tweezers, clippers, and scissors.

Small spaces don’t have to be uncomfortable. With a little planning and some creativity, adapting to your new home can make a big impact.

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